ADCH-Gold LAA-Silver Klink, AX, OAJ,
TM-Platinum, SACH-Gold, GCH-Gold, SCH-Gold, RCH-Gold, JCH-Gold

Klink, the MOUTH as we like to call her, amazing stockdog, amazing agility dog. She is now retired, but that doesn’t mean that she is slowing down any at the age of 11! Klink I trialed in USBCHA trials at the Pro-Novice level.
This is how Klink runs all agility courses 🙂
 ***************************************************************************During Klink’s career, she accomplished many things, here are just a few of them:
2013 North Central Regional
  • 2nd place PGP Finals
  • 6th Place Dam Team

2012 USDAA Championships

  • Grand Prix Finalist
  • Steeplechase Finalist
  • Dam Team Finalist-10th Place Overall
  • Team Snooker-9th Place

2011 USDAA Championships

  • Grand Prix Semi-Finalist
  • Steeplechase Finals-12th Place
  • DAM Team Silver Medal “Klink Flies Solo”

Klink has ran in the Final (one or all 3) each year she has attended Nationals.

 Photo Taken By: Sarah Thoreen